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third year project (2009)


into it is an exhibition building for Lund University.
It is placed on Sankt Laurentiigatan near the central station in Lund.

The site is open and green if compared with the blocks nearby. It has a lot of old trees and the existing buildings are scattered.
The altitude difference is interesting since the street inclines about two meters, as the site lays two meter below the street. making a total altitude difference of four meters.
I wanted to take care of the park and not directly block it of from the street, therefore the concept of the hill.
The building itself is partly hidden underground and the roof creates platforms that bridges the park with the sidewalk. The roof is clad with grass strengthening the perception of the hill.

The building is closed to the street in the south, and open to the park in the north. this gives the rooms inside a wonderful passive light. An other important source of light, as well as an characteristic element, are the tall roof lights which brings sunlight to the inner parts of the building. They also create a possibility of peeking.

The buildings insides are flexible, open areas with movable inner walls and interesting connections between the floors with the staircases and elevator in contact with the entrance.
A flow is created by opening the building on each floor towards the park and also letting the park extend itself by ramps even to the highest roof, creating a beautiful viewing spot.

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