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Workshop done in collaboration with Ida Lindberg

"The Artifact should not be seen as a functional product that solves a problem or is suitable for a specific need. It’s task can be extremely banal or even useless. This statement creates a generative oxymoron as the artifact get a meaningless purpose. Instead of focusing on function this task takes aim on material-connections, interaction, mechanics and kinetics."

Mekanisk Artefakt (Swedish title) was a 7-day workshop with Year 1 students at Lund School of Architecture

Each artifact has been produced by groups consisting of 3-5 first year students.
The frame measures 50x50x50cmåfoton FRAMSIDAA.jpg artefakt20.jpg artefakt21.jpg artefakt19.jpg artefakt18.jpg artefakt16.jpg artefakt17.jpg artefakt10.jpg artefakt14.jpg artefakt15.jpg artefakt13.jpg artefakt12.jpg artefakt11.jpg artefakt9.jpg artefakt6.jpg artefakt5.jpg artefakt4.jpg artefakt7.jpg artefakt8.jpg

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