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Competition entry done in collaboration with Henry Stephens and Hannes Frykholm for a wooden pavillion in Kongen Have, Copenhagen.


As a low-lying country with shallow topography and predominantly open landscapes, the presence of wind in Denmark’s natural environment has contributed to its present condition as much as centuries of agricultural development and terraforming. Thicket deals with the sensory experience of Denmark’s natural environment the way it used to be, transplanted to a contemporary urban setting. Located at the very heart of Kongens Have, Tykningen acts as an abstract simulation of a small grove of trees, reverberating the sounds and atmosphere of a lost Danish forest.

Taking the form of an elegant timber pavilion floating lightly above the grass of Kongens Have, Thicket is defined by its almost intangible core – the space created by and within a flexible grid of 1,332 timber rods hanging from the pavilion’s canopy. The rods move and shift to produce a series of different soundscapes - partly dependent on wind activity within the park, and partly dependent on visitors as they interact with the space.

Rather than being a lone object defined by its distance from viewers, Tykningen invites users to pass through its core and engage in the full sensory experience generated by a unique combination of natural environment, visual spectacle, and subtle materiality. Thicket does not have any specific entrance or direction, instead existing as a diaphanous membrane for visitors, sound, and light.

Tykningen resists the idea of the contemporary pavilion as an architectural typology defined by unnecessary formal gymnastics, and the kind of stability associated with timber as a building material, in favour of a more subtle tectonic realised through a new approach to materiality. Tykningen is both fluid and unstable, responsive to its users and site conditions, a constantly shifting cloud on the otherwise still green of Kongens Have. pages for web.jpg pages for web4.jpg pages for web5.jpg pages for web3.jpg pages for web6.jpg pages for web2.jpg pages for web_v2.jpg

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